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Treatments and Services

The team at the Healing Journey Naturopathic Medicine are skilled in the following holistic treatments:


Other services our clinicians provide are:


Identify Why Your Hormones are Out of Whack, and Treat it!
Lyme Disease Diagnosis and Treatment

Identify the cause of your chronic Digestive Upset, and Treat it!
Pediatric Medicine

FirstLine Therapy

IgG Food Allergy Test

Healthy Transformations Weight Loss Program
   pH Analysis Body Composition

Live Blood Analysis
 4-Point Cortisol Test   (Stress)
Urine Heavy Metal Analysis


Infrared Sauna  Salivary Hormone Test (Male and Female) 

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Dr. Andrea Maxim BSc. (Hons), Naturopath & Author

Dr. Johanne McCarthy BA. (Hons), Naturopath

Kelly Noseworthy, Live Blood Analyst


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